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Business Advice Service - Business Development and Exit Strategies

Business advice covers both the 'ascent' - that is, the development your business and also the 'descent' - that is, the planned exit from your business Both are necessary to maximise your return on investment.

Business development offers two types of business healthchecks.

The first is a free one hour systematic check of all areas of your business, involving 130 questions covering production, finance, sales, marketing, staff and personal. The aim is to identify areas of strength and weakness and where where improvements are required. 

A more detailed two day business audit can also be arranged where we would interview key members of the management team and provide a full strategic overview of business operations, highlighting areas where efficiency and profitability can be improved.

Business development also covers financial incentives such as claiming R&D Tax Credits.

Regarding exit strategy/succession planning, we can offer a free consultation to help clarify the steps of the exit planning process and start the business owner thinking about the exit options and timescales involved.

Which ever approach you choose, you can be assured of practical advice geared to small and medium sized companies which is backed up with a management consultancy team consisting of 250 advisors.



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