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R&D Tax Credits – Why aren’t you claiming now?

HMRC have published in August 2012 their latest statistics showing that the average SME claim was £40,000 plus. It can take as little as 5 weeks from the submission to receiving a welcome cheque and your claim can be backdated for two years. But, if you are approaching your current year end, then you should claim before that critical date or risk losing the first of your backdated years.


Who should claim?

If your company makes innovative use of science or technology to develop or enhance products, services and business processes, you may be entitled to claim research & development tax credits to help offset some of the costs of your investment.

“It’s not all about rocket science,” says Dr Morgan Potter of “You may be working on technically innovative web based software applications or are an engineering company delivering the latest solutions in conveyor systems, or perhaps a firm of solicitors who have commissioned a new intranet solution to improve your business processes, or a manufacturer with a development department for your next generation of products”

“Too many companies are missing out on claiming their tax incentives for research and development. This is surprising, given that the tax incentives have now been in place for over ten years. Successive Governments have steadily enhanced the potential claims because they want to encourage innovation.” 

Making a successful claim requires:

  • understanding what is qualifying R&D and what is not.
  • deciding whether you are eligible to claim research & development tax credits.
  • keeping up to date with the currently improving changes to the tax incentives for research and development.

The legislation and regulations are quite well constructed, but sometimes it might be faster and more efficient to seek expert input, checking whether you are eligible to make a claim for research & development tax credits and ensuring that your claim for research and development tax credits is well constructed.

Morgan Potter Consulting Ltd is one of a team of 24 specialists across the UK operating under the RandDTax banner. Our Principle Consultant Terry Toms has delivered more than 200 claims over the past 8 years and we jealously guard our 100% successful track record.

RandDTax offer the following support to SME’s who would like to claim:

  • Analysis of projects to identify work that qualifies.
  • Helping to identify scientific and technological advances and scientific technological uncertainties – an essential part of qualification.
  • Scoping of projects to understand which costs qualify.
  • Writing Justification Documents to support claims.
  • Helping with claims that may be meeting resistance on grounds of qualification.
  • Saving time and increasing certainty of successful claims.


“Unlike many of specialist R&D Tax Credit Consultancies out there,” says Morgan Potter, “RandDTax always works with the client’s own Accountant and our fee, one of the lowest in the sector, is contingent on a successful claim. We are also delighted to help Accountants to identify whether their clients should be claiming now, before they miss another year.”

It usually takes a just short phone call to determine whether you should be claiming and this is a free service to SMEs and Accountants. To check whether you should be claiming, call RandDTax at Morgan Potter Consulting Ltd on 07870 649207 or go to for some very useful information.



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