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Forthcoming events - more..


Where is your business taking you?

Start work now on your Succession Plan & Exit Strategy by first identifying your successors and designing their Leadership & Management training programme - more..

What is Succession Planning?

What is succession planning and why do I need to think about it? - more..

An Overview of Exit Strategy Planning

Exit Strategy Planning is a process which must ideally be started early in the life of the company and certainly no less than five years before planned exit of the owner. Regrettably, too many owner managers leave it too late to think about exiting their business - more..

Information Claiming R&D Tax Credits

If your company makes innovative use of science or technology to develop or enhance products, services and business processes, you may be entitled to claim research & development tax credits to help offset some of the costs of your investment - more..

R&D Tax - Developing Software?

Well if your software based products or solutions are innovative, then you might be remiss not to check - more..

R&D Tax Case Study

So you assemble control panels or systems or switchboards? You probably design bespoke solutions for different applications. Possibly trying some of the latest control devices to improve safety or performance or just space? - more..


R&D Tax Uplift Claims

R&D Tax Credit specialists see it all the time. One line in the tax computations for £20K or so. No justification and no real understanding of what costs qualify - more..

R&D Tax - Motorsport

Whether its engine, powertrain, steering, suspension, fuel delivery or components, here are the key questions to answer and confirm your eligibility for R&D Tax credits

- more..

R&D Tax - Construction

You could be a manufacturer of cladding or building materials which have unique properties. You have developed these and continue to improve their performance or manufacturability - more..

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