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Where is your business taking you?


Do you have a proven formula for recouping the risk, sacrifices and energy that you are investing?

Whether you are the sole shareholder or a senior manager with a vested interest, how confident are you that the enterprise will survive and prosper after your departure?

Make yourself dispensable and you will make the enterprise sustainable and increase its appeal to the next generation of investors!  Start work now on your Succession Plan & Exit Strategy by first identifying your successors and designing their Leadership & Management training programme.

We can help! If you would like to know more click on the contact tab or call Morgan Potter on 07870 649207 or Peter Clark on 07815 745712, or email

Safeguarding your business future

We have met too many business leaders who left it too late to plan their future. By the time we met them, much of the value in their business had been lost.

We want to make sure you do not make an expensive mistake!

At Morgan Potter Consulting we understand that you are too busy leading from the front to safeguard your own future! Our experiences have driven us to create a unique planning framework that will be tailored to your situation, to ensure you achieve your business and personal objectives.

Take control of your destiny and contact us here now to arrange a confidential meeting, as the first step towards safeguarding your business future.



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