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Welcome to Morgan Potter Consulting Ltd

We provide strategic and business advice to SMEs and focus on the following disciplines.


New business mentoring
Business advice to existing businesses
bullet Succession Planning
Managing Successful Exits
Claiming R&D Tax Credits


New Business Mentoring

We can provide help to new businesses and startups providing a structured view of ten key steps required to pull a good business case together.  A free report is available.

Business Advice to Existing Businesses

Morgan Potter Consulting Ltd is a member of Initiatives in Business Development.  This is a national group of approximately 250 business advisers covering a very wide range of disciplines which can be brought to bear on the particular business problem if required. A free one hour analysis of your business is available or a comprehensive electronic business healthcheck is also available with results benchmarked against industry norms.

Succession Planning

There is a great deal of emotion tied up in succession planning especially in family businesses. As a result it is a subject which is very often left for another day. There are options to consider and a timeline of actions. Your succession plan must be a long term commitment however the process of succession must be well advanced by the time that the business is offered for sale.

Managing Successful Exit Strategies

An overall exit strategy is required to maximise sale price/ ROI, or make sure that the business is carried forward to the next generation. Our exit strategy covers four areas (i) Initial Mindset (ii) Process (iii) Law and (iv) Tax.  We are associated with Birketts LLP and Cresco solicitors who can be brought in as required to advise, particularly in respect of the Law, CGT and IHT.

Claiming R&D Tax Credits

R&D Tax Credits can be a massive help to innovative companies. For companies in profit, the amount of corporation tax paid can be reduced by a tax credit based on qualifying R&D expenditure.  For companies not in profit a lower tax credit can be paid in cash.


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